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Studio Art and Craft Classes for Kids

225 AUD

Products included:

Studio Art a...

Studio Printing Class

Studio Christmas Printing Class

Online Encourage Desire Mindset Course

Detailed Mandela Confidence Sharing Challenge, Jade age 11

Online Encourage Desire Mindset Course

Mandela Mistake to Create, Elly Age 11

Horse Pony Tail Making

If You Feel Arty Crafty Free Lesson

Aussie Animal Sketching

Studio Class

Christmas Reef Making

Studio Class

Card Printing and Decorating

Studio Class, Holly age 8

Online Encourage Course Desire Mindset

Basic Mandela, Blow Your Coping Bubble, Chloe age 8

Encourage Desire Mindset Online Course Inclusions

Unique nine week Learn, Create, Share Process. Week 1 - Motivator Week 2 - Gift For Them Week 3 - Blow Your Coping Bubble Week 4 - Mistake to Create Week 5 - Confidence Sharing Challenge Week 6 – A Doodle A Day Keeps Stress Away Week 7 - Meditative Art Skills Week 8 – Be Unique Week 9 – Paint A Positive Mindset

Bonus#1 Weekly Interactive 60 min Zoom Classes To Innovate Success

Bonus #2 Fun Educational Art Tips Designed to Educate And Engage.

Educational Art and Craft

'Shine Your Own Shade Of Glitter'


What art supplies does my child need for the "Encourage Desire Mindset"?

Everyday school supplies such as A4 paper, lead pencil, rubber, ruler, glue stick and colour pencils, pens, makers or texters, 20c,10c and 5c, 3 different size circles (a bowl, cup and plate), hole punch or paper clip, colour paper or recycled paper. This challenge has been purposely designed to suit every child.


How does my child access the interactive classes?

The Arty Crafty App (Android) and subdomain will contain all class information.


Studio class location?

House Of Jules Art Studio Milton, Shoalhaven, NSW


Are materials provided by Butterfly Splat, Arty Crafty for studio classes?

Yes materials are provided. We just ask you to provide a paint shirt.